An innovative method for lubrication of handpieces

What is EasyOil?

Are dental repairs expensive and time-consuming? What do you think if there was a way to reduce them to a minimum? In this page, you’ll learn that with EasyOil is a method for lubrication of handpieces that, above all, maintaining your instruments is easy, cheap and fast

As a matter of fact, this is an innovative method for handpiece lubrication that allows exceptional maintenance of working instruments (handpieces, turbines, contra-angles) with consequent reduction of breakages and repair costs.

Firstly, note that the five adapters are made of solid aluminium for durability; secondly, they are manufactured with the same machines used for dental implants to ensure maximum precision. As a result, EasyOil is perfect for maintaining your dental instruments. 

Why choose EasyOil, method for lubrication of handpieces?


In a single holder all the convenience of a multi-adapter that just needs to be inserted on the spray can to be ready for use.


In fact, EasyOil allows a perfect lubrication of handpieces of different makes and models in less than three minutes.


Furthermore, EasyOil is an economical tool with the result that allows you to save money on expensive dental instrument repairs.

Installable on all spray cans

Additionally, EasyOil is the 100% Made in Italy multi-adapter for dental handpiece lubrication that can be installed on all spray oil cans, for instance, KaVo, Sirona, Bien Air, NSK, MK-dent, Morita, Nouvag, W&H, SciCan, Unioil, Pana Spray, Henry Schein, etc…

bombolette spray per lubrificazione EasyOil dei manipoli odontoiatrici
EasyOil - tappo aperto

How does EasyOil work?

It’s a very simple innovative method for handpiece lubrication: just place it on the spray can, choose the appropriate adapter for the instrument to be lubricated and in less than 3 minutes you will have perfect maintenance for your dental instruments of different brands and models. And that’s why you can do it in a few minutes.

As a matter of fact, for a perfect operation of EasyOil, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Lower the specific adapter for the instrument to be treated.
  2. Insert the instrument on the adapter up to the stop. 
  3. Push the central button for a few seconds to dispense the oil lubricant in the instrument.

Where can EasyOil be used?

Being a versatile tool, it can be used on a multitude of handpieces, turbines and contra-angles, saving you time and money. Moreover, thanks to the five freely configurable adapters mounted on a single holder, maintenance is simple and inexpensive. 

In addition, each adapter is marked with a specific colour and laser-etched to be immediately identifiable: so you will know you are always using the correct adapter for the instrument to be lubricated. 

Therefore, forget the days when each tool required a different adapter, EasyOil makes your life easier

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adattatori EasyOil


Each adapter is made of solid aluminium and is manufactured using numerically controlled machines that usually make dental implants, to ensure maximum precision.


Did you know that...

In many instruments, the rotor is the most expensive replacement part. To avoid having to replace it frequently, in turbines and red-ring contra-angles, manufacturers recommend lubricating the clamping system daily.

avvitamento EasyAdapter EasyOil


Its configuration is extremely simple: just screw the EasyAdapter onto the threaded bracket. And it's a done deal! Easy and intuitive
For further information, you can download our handbook on page Brochure.

handpiece lubrication with easyoil


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