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Laser marking software

Laser marking of handpieces allows you to customise and make your work tools unique.

For some time now, laser technology has been proving its usefulness, particularly in the medical sector, to enable the traceability and personalisation of devices, which can be engraved with the practitioner’s name or practice logo

All handpieces can be laser-marked, regardless of the manufacturer and type of instrument. 

Here are the main advantages of laser marking for dental devices: 


Signatures, decorations, logos and much more, thanks to laser marking you can add a touch of class to your handpieces and help enhance your firm's identity.


No more coloured tapes and rings! Laser marking can make all the difference in managing a large tool park with many employees.


Engraving discourages criminals because it makes it impossible to resell the instruments, and in the unfortunate event of theft it also makes your handpieces easily traceable.

How the customisation software works

Within our customisation programme for laser marking you can find the different types of handpieces produced by leading dental brands, to be engraved with the text of your choice.

We recommend that you select the handpiece that most closely matches the shape of your own

Using the software is quick and easy. To proceed with laser marking, follow these simple steps

  • Select the type of instrument you want to mark (turbine, contra-angle, micro-motor, straight handpiece, scaler, surgical contra-angle); 
  • Choose the brand of your instrument (if it is not on our list check the ‘other’ box); 
  • Enter the model and serial number of the instrument; 
  • Enter the text to be marked (watch out for errors: MARKING IS NOT REVERSIBLE!); 
  • Place it on the handpiece space (you can change the size and level of the text); 
  • Click ahead and there you go: you will get a pdf file with a summary of your customisation, print it out and attach it to the tool. We will use your instructions to carry out the marking. 

N.B. Some browsers block pop-ups containing documents. In this case a message will appear at the top of your browser window asking you to allow the pop-up to appear. Click on allow to view the document. 

Please note that the image is purely indicative and does not represent an exact copy of the handpiece to be marked. Silver will only use the printed file attached to the handpiece to carry out the marking.

Please check for any errors in the text by marking as the marking IS NOT REVERSIBLE


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