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Why rent our autoclaves

In a dentist’s office an autoclave is a constant source of ordinary and extraordinary costs of unexpected management that determine the downtime, counter-productive for the activity of the dentist’s office. In addition, these costs could often be particularly high.

That’s the purpose of renting an autoclave and that’s why Silver, thanks to his vast experience, has created Everything without worries: it is a set of autoclave and osmosis rental proposals that will allow you to work with serenity and in the certainty of having rented a certified and reliable instrument. In fact, our autoclaves are efficient, controlled and updated in compliance with the regulations.

Everything without worries is an autoclave and osmosis rental system for dentist’s office that uses remote monitoring for predictive maintenance, which allows you to anticipate any failures and promptly schedule maintenance interventions, reducing machine downtime and increasing system reliability.

How does it work?

It’s very simple: with a monthly subscription, Everything without worries provides to install your devices. Moreover, this fixed fee is not subject to indexation. In addition, it is fully deductible.

Therefore, this type of rental is the new Silver proposal that guarantees the optimization of your business with the support of qualified technicians.


Advantages of renting autoclaves

There are a lot of advantages to rent autoclaves or osmosis device, in addition to those already seen. Among these, the “all included in the price” for a service Everything without worries, as well as: 


  • Delivery of the devices to your dental’s office at the expense of Silver
  • Installation carried out by our technical staff
  • Schooling on how to use devices in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Exit costs
  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Manpower
  • Annual electrical validation and verification
  • Remote monitoring
  • Replacement of the machine in case of malfunction within 8 working hours
  • Possibility of replacing the autoclave model according to the growth of your practice
  • Right to purchase the goods or continue the rental according to the contract stipulated

Three rental proposals

Autoclave W&H Lina 22 L

It provides for a contract that includes up to 600 annual cycles.

Autoclave W&H Lara 22 L

Choose this contract if you plan up to 1320 cycles per year.

Autoclave Lisa da 22 L

Autoclave W&H Lisa 22 L

This proposal allows up to 1980 cycles per year.


Rent our osmosis device to generate the water needed for your autoclaves. You will get pure water, demineralized, therefore free of limestone; In addition, it is guaranteed without viruses and bacteria. So, the equipment for osmosis is complex and delicate. That’s why its rental is affordable.

The Silver proposal is that of a monthly rental for a 1000-liters equipment per year.

Therefore, Silver has developed an additional service that will allow you to save money and have everything without worries.

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