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B-green: Silver is working to be green

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Silver wants to b-green: our dental equipment assistance is oriented towards respecting the environment thanks to the conversion to renewable energy. In fact, we at Silver have acquired, since our beginning, the awareness of how important it was to carry out a work process that had the health of people and the environment at heart.

Therefore, Silver pays close attention to study some strategies to be pursued in a short time, asking ourselves: what makes Silver, dental equipment assistance, b-green?

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Silver is green and help you to b-green

Silver is official assistance

Tools can be repaired

You too: B-green

We collect the broken handpieces from your studio or laboratory and repair them; In this way, we give a second life to your equipment and also respect the environment. In addition, also consider the possibility of being even greener: Silver dental equipment assistance is green with a little more diligence and attention: we do not waste and invest in our well-being, yours too. Therefore, help us in our b-green policy: become a supporter of this way of working.


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Finally, remember that planning your business in a green way means increasing not only your productivity but also the motivation of your employees.

Promote the achievement of the common objectives subscribed to in AGENDA 30. They seem important and complex goals to achieve but remember! Any action that does not take these objectives into account could create a chain effect of considerable impact on the environment, consequently amplifying the problems that afflict our planet.

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You will discover that with little you can do a lot for the world we live in.