Social ventures

Silver has close to its heart the world around us


Our commitment

Every day we are witnessing a constant growth of the social gap and of the hardships not only economic, seen as effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Silver has always been committed to social ventures in a constant and programmatic way, planning and implementing numerous interventions in different areas. In fact, Silver has always considered that social initiatives are excellent and fruitful investments that provide immediate and effective solutions. 

Among the social initiatives operated by Silver there are our visits to one of the many shelters for abandoned animals, UAI – Rifugio Animali Abbandonati. The shelter has a social profile that you can follow to give them the visibility they deserve. And there we bring important gifts, vital for them and for the volunteers who dedicate their lives to the creatures that would otherwise live exposed to the danger of stray life.

If you want to follow our example, the UAI shelter has an Amazon account with a wishlist, where you will find a list of products needed by our animal friends.

Ventures to help the world around us

Sometimes a little effort and the desire to invest are enough to improve the world around us. In addition, we only implement social initiatives but we are also committed to the green. To learn more about this, visit our B-Green page.